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Real people used these coins to buy stuff in their daily life.

This coin is from the year 1967-84 and is no longer in use. On one side is the value in Hebrew and the Hebrew
year. On the other side, there is a symbol of three pomegranates, the name Israel in Hebrew English and Arabic and the Menorah, which is the symbol of the state of Israel. The coin is made of a shining silverish metal and is quite big for a coin: 28 millimeters in diameter.

Here are some important details about this coin:

Diameter: 27.5 mm.
Weight: 9 gr.
Edge: Alternatingly milled and smooth.

Obverse: Three pomegranates; the emblem of the State of Israel; "Israel" in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Origin of motif: Coin minted during the war of the Jews against Rome (66 - 70 C.E.).
Reverse: The denomination "1" between two stars; "One Israeli Pound" and the date in Hebrew.
Alloy: Copper 75%, nickel 25%.
Design: Obverse: Rothschild and Lippman.
Reverse: Zvi Narkiss.
Date of first issue: mid-September, 1967.
Ceased to be legal tender: March 31, 1984.